General Assistant

Although quite rare, we do occasionally have positions available that are suitable for conscientious, hard-working guys.

The main role within our business, that becomes available, is General Assistant, which is a receptionist role, but includes every other aspect of the job that is needed in order to service the needs of our customers.

These duties would include (but are not limited to):

  • Checking customers in/out

  • Preparing/serving hot and cold food

  • Handling phone enquiries

  • Washing towels (drying and folding)

  • Constant cleaning & tidying

  • A full clean of the venue at the end of an evening shift

  • Running and managing the spa dosing system

There position involves a LOT of cleaning, in fact probably more than 50% of your work here would be cleaning.  If you can't stand cleaning, this job certainly isn't for you.

Your attitude/personality are very important too, as we have very high customer service standards. This one standard is what keeps our customers coming back, so ideally you would be either dynamic, outward-going, personable, friendly or bubbly.

While it may seem a basic job on reception, the position comes with 5 days of training, and is quite a complex job, with lots to learn.  The ability to multi-task is essential.  Some shifts can be incredibly busy, so keeping your head is also essential.

We pay the National Living Wage for every member of staff using the PAYE system.  Wages are paid net of tax and deductions straight into your bank account every two weeks.  We do not pay cash in hand.

This job is best suited to people who are prepared to work hard and conscientiously, can think on their feet, and take pride in their work.

To apply, simply fill out the form on this page, or drop similar information in to reception.