12pm to 9pm


We are working very hard to bring our staffing levels up to full capacity so we can open 7 days a week to 11pm


Please bear with us in the meantime

£15 Entry
at all times, every day

Naked Days: Tue/Thu/Sat
Strictly  NO TOWELS to be worn

Looking for part-time

or full-time work?


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Getting you in - step by step: 

- You don't need to bring anything with you except a mask if you wish to use one

- Masks are also available for £1 from reception

- We can no longer hold bags or other items behind reception

- You DO NOT need a COVID passport to visit us


- Pay entry fee by card or cash

- You'll be given a locker key

- You will find relevant towels plus 1 condom and 1 lube in your locker

- No deposits/coin/token needed for locker

- Put clothes & personal items in your locker

- Relax & have fun

What we offer: 

- Hot tub/spa

- Sauna

- Steam room (Currently closed, open again soon)

- Lounge/Cafe (Limited Menu)

- Smoking area

- Chill out cabins

- Glory holes

- Dark room

- Cinema

- Showers

- Upright sunbed

- Toys & accessories shop



DISCOUNTS - and concessions are currently not  available

NAKED DAYS - every Tues, Thurs & Sat (no towels to be worn)

EVENTS/PARTY/THEME NIGHTS - are currently suspended

EXTRA TOWELS - are charged at 50p per towel

LOYALTY CARDS - keep hold of them for now, as we may re-introduce them in the future

LOST/STOLEN LOCKER KEYS - incur a £10 charge

due to cost of replacement lock

Food & Drink

It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol, drinks or food in with you.

Currently we will be offering a reduced menu of food and drink that may be consumed in the lounge area only.

Legal Requirements 

You must be 18 or over to visit our venues

(Proof may be required)


If you look 25 or younger, to be allowed in, you

MUST show (on EVERY visit) your:


Driving License


or National ID card

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