No matter what you come for, you'll go home relaxed and revitalised.
The Dry Sauna at The Boiler Room Sauna Hove, formerly TBS2 Sauna
The friendly lounge at The Boiler Room Sauna Hove
The Spa at The Boiler Room Sauna Hove


Build up a good sweat in the Dry Sauna or the Steam Room, open your pores, and clear those toxins out.


Add some water to the coals in the Dry Sauna to really make the room hot and sweaty, take your towel off, and let it all hang out.



By far the friendliest sauna venue for miles.


Unlimited tea, coffee and chilled, filtered water are all free, just help yourself.


And we're fully licensed if you fancy a beer, wine, cider or mixer.



Have a quick rinse in the shower, and then immerse yourself in the hot tub, held at a lovely 38 degrees.


This has to be one of the largest and best kept Jacuzzi's in the South, as clear as spring water, all day long.

Gay and Bisexual male cruising at The Boiler Room Sauna Hove
Gay and Bisexual male cruising at The Boiler Room Sauna Hove
Friendly venue Hove, The Lounge at The Boiler Room Sauna, Hove


On the upper floor, all fully air-conditioned, you have a choice of rooms to play or relax in.


Several rooms with padded beds, one room with a kneeling-bench, three inter-linked glory holes, and two sling rooms.


You can sit in the cosy cinema room and watch adult movies on the large screen. Also watch adult movies in one of the sling rooms.



Your comfort and safety are our main concerns, hence the cleanliness of our venue, and the discretion.


Unlike "the bushes", or outdoor sex, we offer a very safe place to play, where you needn't worry about a thing.


And the staff are always on hand even if you do have any problems.



We have a fully enclosed outdoor smoking area, which is also a good place to cool off and get some fresh air.

For the colder days, there's a heat lamp.

Warm Welcome
Locker Room
Steam Room
Sun Shower
Cruise Area
Smoking Area
One of our slings
Fuck Bench
Cinema (with adult videos all day)
Cruise/Rest Cabins
What did you say?!

“The thing that struck me was the sheer friendliness of the place.  OK, you expect the staff to be friendly, and they certainly are here, but many other saunas' customers are, well, ignorant!  Not here.  Very chatty, but respectful of your space if you don't want to chat or get involved.  Well done guys!  You've got my vote any time.

Sam, Hove