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A Matter Of Respect


Over the last year, every one of us has been touched by this pandemic, and all of us have differing experiences. 


With or without a pandemic, respect and common decency should be present without fail, as others may feel less safe than you, or just see things differently.

It has been a traumatic year for most of us.  Let's keep things pleasant at all times, and help each other to get away from this horrible situation just for a short while during your visit.


You can now decide for yourself whether to:


  • Check-In with Track and Trace via QR poster

  • Use hand sanitiser

  • Wash your hands regularly

  • Shower regularly, and in-between facilities

  • Socially Distance yourself from others

  • Wear a face covering in communal areas

  • Consider whether a room is at capacity before entering it

Our venue will continue with increased cleaning & provide hand washing, shower and sanitiser facilities

We sell face masks for £1 in case you need one

We do recommend following the above guidance

Implied Agreement


By visiting our venue it will be considered that you are in full agreement with our Policies in respect of COVID-19 guidance from the UK Government and our Policies relating to general use of our venue as well as Health and Safety legislation.